The Best Of CES 2017

Every year, there is one place to see the future before it becomes a reality for consumers – it’s the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES). It’s the mother of all conventions in the tech world.

CES never disappoints in bringing companies to present their tech upgrades and features, to ground-breaking innovation. This year had some great innovations from breast pumping product solutions to digital document destruction.

Here is our take on the best gadgets and tech from CES 2017 in multiple categories.

2017 CES Best Laptop

Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe

At last year’s CES laptops were a bit irrelevant. It could be that the industry is in a slumping trend. But this year there was one that caught our attention – the Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe. It’s a sleek and ultra-slim laptop. It sports a very sharp 14-inch screen that’s seemingly in a 13-inch body. How? At 0.5 inch thick and weighing only 2.42 pounds, it just naturally feels that way. It’s equipped with a speedy i7 Core processor and can be equipped with up to a 1TB solid-state memory drive. Powerful and super portable – the way laptops should be.

2017 CES Best Phone

Asus Zenfone AR

Yes, Asus has impressed us this year. Augmented reality technology is still in its infancy. The Asus Zenfone AR is the first smartphone that’s able to run both Google’s Daydream Virtual Reality features and Tango’s Augmented Reality. The only other device that can do this is the gigantic Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. The Zenfone is a practical device that you’d feel comfortable using just for the phone features even if you never use its augmented reality features.

It sports a high-resolution screen, sharp camera, and a fast Qualcomm 821 processor. And it looks nice.

2017 CES Best Smartwatch

Misfit Vapor

The smartwatch industry is flooded, so standing out is very hard to do in the midst of a sea of them.

But, we did find an excellent smartwatch that fulfills form, function, and tech – the Misfit Vapor. It has a comprehensive fitness tracker, elegant design, and a bright colored display from its circular touch bezel. It’s also cheaper than the 2nd Generation Apple Watches.

2017 CES Best Smart Home Devices

Helia Smart Light Bulbs

The Soraa company has come out with their Helia smart bulbs. These LED light bulbs don’t rely on Wifi but sensors to emit different colors and tones of light. In the morning it will emit a blue light. And when the sun sets, the bluishness slowly goes away. This is to compensate and make it easier on your tired eyes and brain at the end of your day making it easier for you to sleep.

2017 CES Best PC Tech

Razer Project Valerie

Although big and heavy, the opposite of what most people look for in a PC and/or laptop, Razer’s Project Valerie laptop is an exception. Because it sports THREE 17-inch 4K-resolution displays, this laptop is a beast for productivity and perhaps gaming. It’s still just a concept for now but we are all already wanting one.

2017 CES Best Practical Innovation

Willow Hands-Free Breast Pump

The breast pump hasn’t had a redesign or change since maybe ever. If nursing mothers want to pump they either have to do it manually or with a noisy and cumbersome electric pump. Willows has come out with their set of wearable pumps that slips into the mother’s bra. It then simply pumps until its bags are full. The product is super quiet so it can be worn out in public while doing daily activities.

And the Willow pumps are FDA approved, easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe. This may be a game changer for the breasts pumping consumers if the pricey price tag of $429.99 doesn’t get in its way.